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Tourist Accidents

tourist accidents

Alaska Visitor Accident Injury Lawyer

Alaska is a place of great beauty throughout the year. Its beautiful mountains, state parks and wildlife draw crowds for lifetime adventures. Unfortunately, some visitors suffer death or injury from accidents. The accidents may result from aviation accidents, boating accidents, train accidents, or motor vehicle accidents. Some accidents are catastrophic. When the adventure of a lifetime turns tragic, you should contact the Law Office of Marc June. Marc June has successfully represented clients in claims against Holland America, Princess, Westours, and the White Pass Railway.

The foreign visitor is unfamiliar with the rights and remedies of the American legal system. In addition to American citizens, Mr. June has represented visitors from Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Dominica, Japan, Laos, and the small island nation of Vanuatu. When the challenges of a different language are present, Marc June knows how to obtain necessary translation services. Marc June explains the American legal system in plain terms so that you can make the necessary legal decisions.

At the experienced Law Office of Marc June in Anchorage, we work long and hard to help identify the party whose negligence resulted in your injury. Our proven ability to find responsible parties and hold them accountable for out-of-state clients requires precise coordination of insurance laws between different U.S. states and even foreign countries. Attorney Marc June brings nearly 30 years of experience and a proven record of results for clients to each case. His reputation as a respected tourism accident injury attorney speaks for itself.

Marc June Makes Your Serious Injury His Business

If you are a visitor or tourist in Alaska who has been seriously injured, contact the Anchorage law office of Marc June as soon as possible. He offers free and confidential initial consultations.

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