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Maritime Accidents

Representation for Injured Alaskan Fishermen

Television shows such as "Deadliest Catch" reiterate that Alaska is home to one of the United States' largest and most dangerous commercial fisheries. Fishermen spend long hours working under hazardous conditions catching crab, salmon, cod, pollock, herring and other species. The fisheries extend from the Pribolof Islands in the Bering Sea to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian chain, to Kodiak Island, to the Gulf of Alaska, to Southeast Alaska, and their fishing communities are located in Sitka, Petersburg and Ketchikan.

The Law Office of Marc June has represented fisherman who were injured in accidents on the freighter, China Frost, F/V Sea Venture, F/V Shemya, F/V Bristol Leader, F/V Elvagene, F/V Alaska Leader, O/S/V Pioneer Service, F/V Perseverance, F/V Pamela Rae, F/V Family Pride, F/V Alaska Beauty, F/V Shaman, F/ V Ruff & Reddy, F/V Bella K and the Holland American vessel. Vessels include gill netters, bowpickers, longliners, crabbers and large factory ships that process the catch.

Causes of Maritime Accidents and Deaths

There are many causes of fishing injuries and deaths. Fishermen experiencing fatigue from working long hours can make simple mistakes with catastrophic consequences. Defective equipment on the vessel, such as winches and lines, can break. Skippers and crew members can be reluctant to put into port for necessary medical treatment. Vessels can prove to be unseaworthy and sink. Personal injury attorney Marc June is familiar with all types of maritime accidents, and he offers clients the representation they need throughout the process.

Maritime accident claims are governed by specific laws. A good lawyer must be familiar with the Jones Act, the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA), the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act and the maritime doctrine of unseaworthiness, maintenance, unearned wages and cure. Short term relief may be available from the Alaska Fisherman's Fund. When you work with Marc June, you can feel comfortable knowing your lawyer is familiar with all the remedies available to injured commercial fishermen.

Marc June Represents Maritime Accident Victims

If you suffered a commercial fishing injury, or if you were involved in a maritime accident, you need a lawyer who has achieved real results for clients all over Alaska for nearly 30 years, contact the law office of Marc June today. You'll appreciate Marc June's approach to recovering damages for you and restoring your life to normalcy.

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